An Artist who plays with Web Design and it’s an awesome Front-End Developer

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Andrea Acosta-Duarte. Web Designer/Front-End Developer/Artist

I’m Andrea and I’m from Colombia but currently living in Orlando, Florida after more than a decade of living in Canada (Toronto and Montreal). I have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering which I obtained in Medellin, Colombia. I also have a Certificate in New Media Design which I obtained with honours from Centennial College in Toronto.

I have been in the business for almost 10 years which have helped me get a better understanding of design and development concepts, and also I’ve learned the importance of Project Management and team work.

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Projects I’m looking for:

I’m looking for projects that I can be an integral part from the beginning. What it’s important for me is not just Front-End development anymore, but learn about the client’s goals and the user needs. I want to apply Usability concepts to the projects I get to work on from the creation of personas, user flows, wireframes and including user testing.

It’s important for me to give back as well to society and would hope that I get opportunities to offer Corporate Social Responsibility focus to companies that want to work with me. I’m aware that the chances for me to do this are not the same as what I’m doing currently doing for Web and Marketing Agencies but if have a project in mind on this aspect, don’t hesitate to contact me.

In terms of Front-End development and Web Design, I still enjoy the things we can do with the basic codes, design rules and have it grow it from there. I want to keep learning new JavaScript libraries, improve my skills in HTML5, design tendencies and be impressed about what other creative people put out in the world.

Companies I have been a full-time or freelance contractor:

Publicis Canada / SonicBoom Creative Media / non-linear creations / SynStudio / geminare /  casaGuru

Some indirect companies I have worked with in a variety of projects:

Rogers / Whirlpool Outlet / Canada Post / Pop Sandbox / SIRIUS / HSF / NWF / Bayview / LG / Paypal / Jamieson / Honda / Roma Mouldings / RJ Spagnols / Spotted Zebra / CIBC